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New single by Aion ‘XAMPANY I CAVIAR ’


Aion is the culmination of many years of relationship with music, from classical to electronic. Gil Codina - artistically known as Aion - started in the world of music when he was only six years old. With a degree in Musicology from the UAB and saxophone studies, he is also part of several projects that have led him to tour all over Catalonia, France and Holland, performing on renowned stages such as the Sala Apolo, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Festes de La Mercè in Barcelona, the Telecogresca and Jamboree, among others.

With an album on the verge of release, Aion has already previewed some singles from his debut album such as 'Tan lluny', 'Tu qui ets?' and 'SUITE', three pop-produced tracks that blend perfectly with other styles such as reggaeton and Trap, among others. 

Now, Aion presents 'Xampany i caviar', a new advance that will be part of his first solo album. Like everything in life, love and relationships have two sides, like coins. One day you are the happiest person in the world and you feel very much in love and, in the blink of an eye, the tables have turned and you feel sad and lonely. After 'SUITE', the artist's latest single that tells the story of a love at first sight, comes 'Xampany i caviar', which explains how this story hasn't gone very far. 

The track describes the feeling of abandonment from a playful and cocky perspective, with an attitude of self-confidence and self-assuredness, turning the cliché idea of "second fiddle" on its head and, showing himself calm and empowered with the situation. 

Xampany i caviar' is a very elaborate and sublime Trap production, full of details and effects that create a fresh and fun sound atmosphere that perfectly reflects the concept of the song. From love to extreme loneliness, but always with a smile on one's face and knowing firmly the value of oneself! 


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