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Sexenni presents ‘La Faràndula - Remix’ with DJ Trapella

Sexenni La Faràndula Remix DJ Trapella

Sexenni is one of the latest surprises with more growth of the Catalan music scene, since, in record time, has become one of the most trendy groups with more projection of the country! 

After taking their first steps as a group just over two years ago and quickly becoming one of the bands of the moment, Sexenni has not stopped generating hits like 'De Lao', 'Per la borda', 'Supernova' or 'Grup de Pop', a song where the revelation group of Catalonia and the fashionable duo, The Tyets, are doing very well! But if anyone thought that with that it was all done, they don't know Sexenni, the Beatles from Lleida already have their summer song, and what a song it is! La Faràndula' arrives with the heat: an ode to partying, good weather and partying!

After this successful release, Sexenni takes their latest single to the clubs with 'La Faràndula - Remix', by the hand of one of the DJ's of the moment: DJ Trapella. The combination between one of the most fashionable Catalan pop groups and one of the most popular DJ's in the country, has resulted in a fresh, danceable version to be played in every club! 

With influences of urban merengue and Latin electro, if 'La Faràndula' was already a hit on its own, this new version promises to be one of the essential songs of any summer party! romete ser una de las canciones esenciales de cualquier verbena veraniega! 


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