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New single by Uri Santafé, Lamliki & Acone, 'F*ck Lent'

Uri Santafé & Lamliki ft Acone - F*ck Lent

Uri Santafé and Lamliki are two artists who, despite coming from different styles and countries, when it comes to music, complement each other perfectly. When one composes and the other produces, they speak the same language.

Uri Santafé writes with a very introspective, intimate and personal style, where you can tell he is looking to touch the heartstrings. Some time ago he left behind the more classic Hip Hop to embark on a clear experimental trend and new sounds, which is reflected in the Beatneeks project, a band led by Uri Santafé and with which they have won several competitions in the territory as the Engresca't and Maresmusic; as well as, they have been finalists in other state competitions such as Alcalá Suena or Emergentes de Zamora. Lamliki is a producer and also recognized DJ of important places such as Pacha, Café del Mar, La Terrrazza in Barcelona, Union Club in London or the Minimal Bar in Berlin, among others.

A few months ago, Uri Santafé and Lamliki released together their first EP 'Vulnerable' (Delirics, 2023). Recently, they have met again in tracks like 'IGLÚ', a first advance of their debut full-length album, and 'Secrets', a collaboration with Niki Brown where they explain the different points of view and personal feelings that a relationship, apparently finished, has left them. 

Mixing styles such as pop, electronic and urban music, Uri Santafé and Lamliki present a new single: 'F*CK LENT', a reggaeton by the hand of Acone, to dance with the person you love. Now, together with Acone, they present their most romantic side and show in this song the desire to savor every moment with someone and go little by little, so that the sweet moments do not end. 

Listen now to 'F*CK LENT', a new preview of the new album by Uri Santafé and Lamliki that transports you to the most tender moments of love!


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