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New single by Oli "Polea"

Oli is a rap artist and dancer from Barcelona. She entered the music world with her first group, La Clika Pika , made up of female rappers and dissident identities. He likes to share the creative space, which is why he has collaborated with artists such as KeTeKalles , Pirat's Sound Sistema and with Las Bajas Pasiones on his previous and first solo track: 'Murciélagos y farolas' . A single that talks about the night, how we idealize it from childhood, the magical things that happen there and this evolution towards a more adult vision that makes you see the lack of freedom and more control in the streets.

Now, to start the year, Oli presents 'Polea' , a song made by her with the music of Deps . It's a song that talks about grief in the sweetest way. The video shows us how these griefs are present throughout life in different ways and how beautiful it is when we experience them collectively. He also talks about accepting changes with phrases like "no es dejar atrás, es transformarse" or, "ejarse a tiempo para volver a acercarse" . The video is thought out in detail and created by the production company Vols Videos , who always know how to capture reality with great tenderness.

L' Oli has just started his solo project, with energy and a desire to share what he has been cooking on a slow fire: raw, but hopeful and powerful lyrics that introduce you to a more critical and reflective world!


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