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New single by Cloe, 'No em rentes’

Cloe is the emerging promise of the Catalan scene that became known with her first demo in the KLK Urban Music Emerging Talents Contest, which she won in a final held at the Fira de Vilaseca (FiM), where she already demonstrated that she has an undeniable talent as a singer and as a producer.

Currently, she is in the process of producing her debut album, which will be released in 2024. Previously, she has already advanced songs that have become a success: 'Trampa', 'Entre el fum', 'P*TA SEXY' and 'En el club'. Four fresh and danceable singles where the Barcelona artist has explored with the Urban and Funk Carioca genre and has managed in record time to exceed 10 thousand reproductions turning 'Entre el fum' into a hit that is already playing in the music radios of Catalonia as ELS40 Urban, Flaixbac and iCat FM, among others. 

Cloe 'No em rentes'

After these previews, Cloe presented her first collaboration with an artist who is already at the forefront of the Catalan scene and with whom she shares a label: Lluc, with the reggaeton 'Locos'. A song that, to this day, we have not stopped dancing to. But Cloe never ceases to surprise us and now, before the summer begins, she presents 'No em rentes', a cumbia with a fresh and summery sound that, together with the lyrics, invites, without a doubt, to enjoy the summer. No em rentes' speaks from the feminine empowerment about all those relationships that have already expired and are not worth it, and how with strength and will, we can always overcome them. 

Listen now to 'No em rentes', the new summer hit from Cloe, one of the most promising emerging talents on the scene, and one you are sure to


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