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Hacha, member of P.A.W.N GANG, presents ‘CURVAS DA LA BiDA’


P.A.W.N GANG, Pretty Ass White Niggas Gang, is the source of inspiration for a whole new generation of urban style artists and groups, a movement that has now become the musical and cultural phenomenon of an entire country! 2011 was the year of birth of P.A.W.N GANG and since then, their popularity has been growing through their video clips uploaded on YouTube, for making a style totally unknown at that time in Catalonia. After presenting several EP's and singles with a spectacular reception from the public and the media, in 2017 they released their first full-length: 'Pretty Ass White Niggas'.

With the mixtape 'RESPAWN' (Delirics, 2022), the group celebrated their ten year anniversary, marking a turning point in their career. The 'RESPAWN' tour was a resounding success, with sold out concerts, such as at the Sala Wolf in Barcelona.

P.A.W.N has just started a new stage with 'CHiKAGO', 'PENTHAUS' and 'KE FARiA', three previews of a new work, with which they consolidate again as the kings of the scene, breaking schemes of an urban scene that cohabits with commercial music.

Now, Hacha, member of P.A.W.N, presents 'CURVAS DA LA BiDA', a song that represents his rebirth after a three-year detoxification process. This song is a deep reflection, experiences and viscera. Years of darkness illuminated by the light of the present. Throwbacks and classic codes. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Hacha himself at KrakHaus. The videoclip is also his responsibility, by the hand of Juanyllo AV. 2024 is the year, it was written!

Listen now to 'CURVAS DA LA BiDA', the new single by Hacha, member of the P.A.W.N. Gang, always young and fresh, the most real of the scene!


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