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Yereh Yebadi presents ‘TERCERA GENERACIÓN’


Yereh Yebadi, a very young 17-year-old MC from Barcelona born in Vallés Occidental, who started composing and singing rap at the age of ten. In 2021, he released his first solo tracks, such as 'Donde Siempre' and 'Black & Red'. The video of the latter reached the United States and was aired on the program 'AndYouDontStop!', hosted by Chuck D. That same year, he received the Rookie of the Year Award at the I Am Rap Awards. In 2022, he shared the stage with Dollar Selmouni at Sala Bikini in Barcelona, won the '16 Barras' contest and released his first full-length, 'SPUD WEBB', produced by Johnson Beatz.

Yereh Yebadi continues to create new music and has embarked on a new course with one of the leading labels in urban music in Catalonia: Delirics. A few months ago he released 'NCNS', followed by 'PONLE UN 0+', a track in which Yereh Yebadi values the artistic life of young people and defends their lifestyle, highlighting the sacrifices and moments lost for music in exchange for growth and prosperity.

Now, Yereh Yebadi presents 'TERCERA GENERACIÓN', a song that addresses the reality of many young people who, being descendants of Africans, South Americans, Asians, or from many other places, are already the third generation in Spain. In this song, Yereh Yebadi tells the experience of being grandchildren of those immigrants who arrived in search of a better future and how, despite having fully integrated into Spanish society, they do not forget their roots. With this theme, the artist pays tribute to cultural diversity and the importance of keeping alive the memory and legacy of their ancestors.

Yereh Yebadi displays his unique style in 'TERCERA GENERACIÓN', offering deep and powerful verses, proving once again that his talent and creativity know no boundaries!


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