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Refreshing version of Blaumut's classic "Bicicletes".

"Bicicletes" Blaumut. Sexenni, Júlia Blum, Iglú, Cloe

This summer, music brings us a refreshing surprise with the new version of Blaumut's classic "Bicicletes".

The artists Sexenni, Júlia Blum, Iglú and Cloe join forces to reinterpret this hit with a much more modern and electronic style that will make you dance and sing along all season long.

Produced by Pep Saula and Marc Gelabert, this version maintains the magic of the original song but with a renewed and vibrant touch. La Ser Catalunya has chosen this new "Bicicletes" as its official anthem for this 2024, preparing us for a summer full of energy and fun.

You can enjoy this explosive version on all digital platforms.


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