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New single from Kovitch feat. Yaron Hurter Weida & Pau Escutia “Before 30”

Kovitch is a singer and lyricist from Vallès Occidental (Barcelona). He started writing rap lyrics when he was only fourteen years old, and since then he has founded several formations with which he has published numerous references, among them Homes Llúdriga . The most recent is a five-song EP called ' Flâneur ' (2021) , which has been presented live achieving several ' sold outs '. The rap singer has already accumulated more than 160,000 plays on music platforms and in fact, with 'Ma Danse' , one of his tracks, he was a semi-finalist at the 2021 MIN Awards .

The rapper's style includes the heritage of more melodic hip hop and R&B , drinking from the American, national and French scene. His lyrics, which mix Catalan, Spanish and French, are vindictive, with values and personal experiences.

The Valais MC has collaborated with artists such as Valtonyc , Lágrimas de Sangre , Sombra Alor , DJ Plan B (LCDM) or Erick Hervé , among many others. He was one of the promoters of the first compilation of rap in Catalan, 'Rap de la Terra Vol. 1' (2018) , and has performed a handful of concerts to this day.

After a year in silence, Kovitch returns and begins a new phase with the Delirics label, with which he published the first single preview, 'The best things' , of his upcoming new work: 'Simplify' .

Now he presents a new track that will be part of his new album: 'Antes de los 30' . Song accompanied by a video clip, directed by Pol Fuentes . In the lyrics, the artist draws a caricature of what is supposed to have been experienced before turning thirty, according to socially established canons. The rapper takes the opportunity to pay tribute to his generation, born in the nineties, citing some references and common places of childhood in this decade. Throw in a little nostalgia, inviting you to keep that inner boy or girl who just wants to play.

The instrumental, with a bass drum typical of electronic music, is produced by Yaron Hurter Weida and Pau Escutia , as well as the rest of the work, who have also been in charge of the mix. The master's degree is the work of Mad .

Don't miss Kovitch , one of the promoters and pioneers of rap in Catalan, who returns to show his most vindictive and pure facet!


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