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New single by xicu, 'CLAVAT A DINS'


Xicu's beginnings were sweet and introspective enough with his works 'sol' and 'BLAU'. A year later, the artist returned with new music and presented us with a more powerful and dark live show that made us travel through an imaginary of love and heartbreak without brake. With styles that go through trap, pop, hyper pop and synth pop, Xicu presented us just a year ago his EP '22' (Delirics, 2023). A work with a much more radical sonority to his previous works and that counted with powerful collaborations such as Julieta and Teuma Thug (P.A.W.N Gang). 

Now, Xicu embarks on a new musical path with 'Clavat a dins', the first advance of an album that will be released in autumn. A song that talks about a relationship that has stopped working and has ended suddenly. ‘Clavat a dins' shows the feeling you have inside when something you cared about has not been solved yet. 

With references like Rusowsky or Ralphie Choo, and styles ranging from Jersey Club, pop, urban and Funk Carioca, Xicu does it again! ‘Clavat a dins' is a before and after in his musical career that makes us travel through endless emotions. 


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