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New single by Willfree & Good Jan of the P.A.W.N Gang “VA CALLA”

PAWN GANG , Pretty Ass White Niggas Gang , is the source of inspiration for a whole promotion of urban style artists and groups. 2011 was their birth year and since then, they have already become a musical and cultural phenomenon of an entire country!

Last April they presented a new mixtape : 'RESPAWN' . An album that has represented a before and an after in the musical career of the Catalan artists, who have been dedicated to music for ten years and who created this group, which is already part of an entire generation. As the word says, it is the rebirth of the PAWN GANG .

To end the year, Willfree and Good Jan , two of the group's members, present a Catalan dembow that will make you dance non-stop! 'Va calla' is a song that the two members of the band did, on a Thursday afternoon, with the desire to party and dance . A dembow who doesn't understand borders, who crosses them with language playing with the words "shut up" and "cod", and in the video clip they also play with different scenarios such as the fish shop or a jetty where they go fishing. A lyric that sticks and you can't stop singing it!

'Va calla' is the last track that Willfree and Good Jan , members of the PAWN GANG, will release before the end of the year and of course, to celebrate, they are presenting it on the same day as their last concert of the year at Sala Vol in Barcelona (December 16). Don't miss the Gràcia group's live party to end 2022 as you deserve!


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