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New single by Uri Santafé i Lamliki, ‘Secrets’


Uri Santafé and Lamliki are two artists who, despite coming from different styles and countries, complement each other perfectly when it comes to music. When one composes and the other produces, they speak the same language. Uri Santafé writes with a very introspective, intimate and personal style where you can tell he is looking to touch the heartstrings. Some time ago he left behind the more classic Hip Hop to embark on a clear experimental tendency and new sonorities. Lamliki is a producer and also a well-known DJ in important places such as Pacha, Café del Mar, La Terrrazza in Barcelona, Union Club in London or the Minimal Bar in Berlin, among others.

After presenting their first work together: ‘Vulnerable’, they are starting a new project, of which they have already made a first preview with ‘IGLÚ’, an electronic and rap party for non-stop dancing. A track that talks about the loneliness that leaves the party so desired from the beginning, and all the emotional hangovers that leave some casual relationships.

Secrets' is the second preview of the first full album that Uri Santafé and Lamliki are preparing. This time with the collaboration of Niki Brown, they tell us about the different points of view and personal feelings that a relationship, apparently finished, has left them. The lyrics are sensitive, with mysterious airs and beautiful melodies that hook and float in the electronic atmospheres of this soft afrobeat that gives way to spring -again with a bouquet of flowers- as can be seen in the video clip made by Gisela Borbon and her team. 

Get into spring with ‘Secrets’, the sweet and romantic new track by Uri Santafé and Lamliki!


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