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New single by Toni Taboo (Las Bajas Pasiones) feat. Oli (La Clika Pika) & Nept1 “Dame la mano”

Toni Taboo, musician, producer and beatmaker who has already made a name for himself in the world of urban and electronic music for working with several groups in the urban LGTBIQ+ sector such as La Clica Pika, Tribade and Las Bajas Pasiones, among others 'altres, joins two giants of the Catalan scene: Oli, former member of La Clica Pika, rap artist and dancer from Barcelona, ​​and Nept1, a singer who has already made a name for himself in the music industry of Catalonia for its characteristic style.

All three present 'Dame la mano', a song that talks about breaking with everything that binds us and doing it together. He talks about sharing art and leaving the poison of ego and competitiveness behind. To get anywhere, but always hand in hand.

This song is a first preview of a four-track EP, where Toni Taboo has created various rhythms and melodies that go through many styles, but always with electronics as the protagonist. Oli and Nept1 put voice and words to this 'Dame la mano', a song that is also accompanied by a video clip made by Grisis, where the essence of this upcoming work is shown with naturalness and freshness.


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