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New single by Sexenni, 'Más allá’

Sexenni - Más allá

Sexenni is a group from Lleida that made its first steps just over two years ago and has already become one of the bands of the moment. It has not stopped generating hits like 'De Lao', 'Per la borda', 'Supernova' or 'Grup de Pop', a song where the revelation group from Lleida and the fashionable duo from Mataró, The Tyets, are doing very well! But if anyone thought that with this the job was already done, is that they don't know Sexenni. Just now, they have just presented the song of the summer: 'La Faràndula', an ode to the party, good weather and partying!

Now, Sexenni and Hoy Voy present 'Más allá', the soundtrack of the driving school chain's summer campaign. Getting a driver's license is a great experience typical of the passage to adulthood, which implies responsibility, but also freedom, discovering new landscapes and living new experiences. Referring to all these emotions linked to the first adventures on the road, Sexenni sings it in a bright and catchy pop song, with the energy and drive of a summer afternoon with friends on the road. 


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