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New single by Neisha, '3Bé'

Neisha - 3Bé

Neisha presents a profile halfway between the deconstruction of the club scene and the uniqueness of a pop artist. Combining reggaeton, dancehall and melodic trap, the artist from Barcelona takes you to another level with her music... genres rarely starred in Catalan and less, led by a woman. Neisha became known in 2016 with the group Crimen Pasional, one of the first reggaeton groups in Catalan and has already performed in venues such as Sala Apolo and Sidecar, among others. Even, his music has crossed borders to reach Berlin for an NTS x Adidas party.

'Anime en català' is his latest work that he presented just a year ago, where the aesthetics are clearly influenced by anime and manga, exploring his "kawaii" side without hiding his more erotic or "hentai" side. An album where he collaborates with artists like Lil Guiu (P.A.W.N Gang) and where we find from dancehall to a romantic bachata. The success of 'Anime en català' has already led her to perform at festivals such as Strenes Urbana, sharing the stage with artists like Mushkaa, Sofia Gabanna or Scorpio, as well as at Festigàbal with artists like Mainline Magic Orchestra or Renaldo & Clara

Now, the Barcelona artist collaborates with the Menorcan Malánima in '3Bé', a melodic song of experimental electronic pop with touches of Funk and Jersey beat, loaded with a positive message. 3Bé' is to know how to enjoy the present, despite the difficulties of living precariously in urban areas. 

Refresh yourself this summer with '3Bé', the new single by Neisha and Malánima that will put you in a good mood and will accompany you on vacation!


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