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New single by Flashy Ice Cream, 'Atracció Magnètica’

Flashy Ice Cream & Mushkaa - Atracció Magnètica

With an incomparable and 100% recognizable style, Flashy Ice Cream has emerged as one of the pioneering groups of urban music in Catalan. Their unique fusion of trap, rap, urban pop and dancehall has conquered the hearts of thousands of young people all over the country. After all this trajectory and after spending a few months in Argentina collaborating with local producers and artists, Flashy are at the climax of a new stage. Throughout this 2024, the group from Sabadell will release their new album 'Sempre Joves', which promises to be the best in their history!

The first volume of the album is already out, with the acclaimed 'Cada Tren', which already resonates in all the commercial radio waves, and other hits like 'Entremeliada', a vibrant reggaeton where Flashy sings alongside another fashionable duo: Dani6ix & IZZKID. A second collaboration comes from Argentina with 'Tiki Taka', and 'A qui trucaries?', a surprising Mexican corrido that captivates instantly. 

Now, they show us a small sample of the second volume that is about to arrive. 'Atracció magnètica' is the first preview of 'Sempre Joves x2', a collaboration with Mushkaa, one of the artists that is doing the most in the new era of the Catalan urban scene. This song together talks about the strong attraction you can feel for someone and leads us to enjoy the moment without thinking about the problems. In addition, Flashy claims in this theme, the evolution that they are living as a group, which has led them to tread renowned stages and share them with iconic artists such as currently with whom they also share this single: Mushkaa

Enjoy this summer with your loved ones with 'Atracció Magnètica', the new summer hit of Brazilian Funk and Techno House brought to you by Flashy Ice Cream and Mushkaa!


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