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New single by BTZ ‘ATMOS’


BTZ is a musical group formed by the members SANS BTZ and MARS BTZ, two young people from Colònia Güell, a small town in Baix Llobregat (Barcelona). After winning the KLK new urban music contest and, in this way, obtaining the prize of releasing their first official album with the label Delirics, the group is already showing an evident qualitative leap in their productions.

They released their first singles such as 'Going up' and the urban and dancehall proposal: 'Tropical', a song that became a summer hit and led them to continue exploring different musical genres -always within the urban- as with 'Somnis', a melancholic song with "afro" rhythms that make everyone who listens to it vibrate. 

But BTZ has never stopped growing. Currently, they are embarking on a new path with the creation of their debut album titled 'COSMOS'. 'OASI' was the first advance that they presented at the beginning of the year and that has already consolidated them within the Catalan music scene. Then, they released 'FENIX', a song that talks about overcoming, change and evolution. We could say that it is the most powerful song of the album. 

'ATMOS' is the third preview of the album that arrives with spring. This song represents the atmosphere that protects us from emotional chaos. A single that talks about the process of taking care of an emotion and finding stability within it. A song that leaves no one indifferent, especially for its French urban style that has already become one of the genres par excellence, but retaining the Catalan essence of BTZ and Colònia. 

BTZ does not stop innovating with his music and has already become one of the freshest proposals and with more potential of the urban scene!


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