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New single from Aion 'Tu qui ets?'

Aion presenta ‘Tu qui ets?

Aion is the culmination of many years of musical relationship, from classical to electronic music. Gil Codina - artistically known as Aion - started in the world of music when he was only six years old. With a degree in Musicology by the UAB and saxophone studies, he is also part of several projects that have led him to tour all over Catalonia, France and Holland, performing on well-known stages such as the Sala Apolo, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, the Fiestas de La Mercè in Barcelona, the Telecogresca and the Jamboree, among others.

With careful, poetic lyrics and other everyday lyrics, Aion seeks to connect with a young audience in a direct and unfiltered way. His artistic journey aims to deal with everyday issues such as friends, partying, heartbreak, romantic love... Aion tells us all these stories from the most classic Hip Hop to the lightest pop, passing through Trap and R&B with touches of Soul and Funk. The productions, all the artist's own, are fresh and daring, always in the spirit of exploring and experimenting with new textures.

With an album on the verge of release, Aion has already given us a preview of some singles such as 'Palmera caribeña', his debut; 'No voy a volver' and the Christmas and homesick song 'Tan lluny', where we saw Aion opening his heart to make reference to all those people we can't see on such special dates.

Now, Aion presents 'Tu qui ets?', a new preview of his debut solo album. It's a funny, mischievous and ironic track that seeks to show off the artist himself and his ability when it comes to writing and composing. Aion, with provocative lyrics, turns around the idea of self-questioning 'Tu qui ets?' ("who are you?"), implying - between the lines and with irony - that there is no other artist as good and as classy as he is. Tu qui ets?' is a lifelong egotrip, dressed up with a modern, contemporary and urban production, where reggaeton is the key ingredient. Aggressive, strident, hard and powerful is the soundscape that Aion has decided to build to proclaim to the four winds that he is here to stay and that he has a lot to say on the Catalan music scene.

Listen to 'Tu qui ets?', one of the best reggaetones in Catalan in recent years!


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