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New single by Yereh Yebadi, 'PONLE UN 0+’

Yereh Yebadi is a very young MC from Barcelona, only 17 years old, born in Vallés Occidental. His love for rap since he was very young, composing and singing his own lyrics since he was ten years old. 2021 was the year of his beginnings, where he started releasing solo music with tracks like ‘Donde Siempre’ and ‘Black & Red’, the latter of which reached the United States with its video, which was broadcasted on the show ‘AndYouDontStop!’, hosted by Chuck D. 

To end 2021 on a high note, Yereh Yebadi received the Rookie of the Year Award at the I Am Rap Awards. Since then, he has only grown. In 2022 he got to share the stage with Dollar Selmouni at Sala Bikini in Barcelona. He also won the ‘16 Barras’ contest, where he competed in different rounds with 100 MCs from all over Spain. He then released his first full-length album: ‘SPUD WEBB’, produced by Johnson Beatz.

Now, he is creating new music and that is why he has already started a new direction with one of the leading labels in urban music in Catalonia: Delirics. He has done so by presenting his first track ‘NCNS’, a cut with a tremendous fresh air and a catchy chorus, where without losing its essence, flows narrating a story of overcoming with the aim of leaving ‘metaphorically’ the neighborhood and thrive based on work in an environment where life has not always been easy and where music is the lifeline for many kids of his generation. 

Yereh Yebadi, 'PONLE UN 0+’

After this first single, she presents ‘PONLE UN 0+’, a song that talks about giving value to the artist in a society that undervalues the artistic life of young people. In this track, Yereh Yebadi defends his lifestyle, the sacrifices he has to make and all the moments he misses out on for music - while other young people enjoy it - only in exchange for prospering and growing. 

Yereh Yebadi flows with forcefulness in the rhythm of ‘PONLE UN 0+’, releasing fresh and intelligent bars, something that already characterises this young artist who seems to have no limits and no ceiling!


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