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New single by Xisk, ‘Càmera lenta’

Xisk - Càmera lenta

With roots in Mallorca, Xisk is the Balearic Islands' up-and-coming electronic pop artist. She has already been seen performing at major festivals and parties on the islands and is soon to conquer Catalonia. She exudes cultural richness through her music, creating an emotional connection with her listeners. She explores the depths of feelings from a feminist perspective, offering a unique insight into what drives and moves our souls. With an exceptional ability to translate emotions into melodies through production and inspired by styles such as electronic pop, Xisk invites the listener into a sonic experience that goes beyond simple listening, exploring the complexities of inner motivation and movement.

This 2024, the Mallorcan singer has embarked on a new path with the label Delirics, with whom she has already presented a first preview of her debut album with 'Sinceritat', an electronic pop and Drum and Bass track that speaks of the struggle against distance. 

Now, Xisk presents 'Càmera Lenta'. Who hasn't ever wanted to stop time? With references like Rusowsky or Dua Lipa, the singer brings us closer to all those moments that we should be able to relive with just one click and be able to stay in a constant loop. 

Càmera Lenta' are those memories that we want to keep in our memory as if it were an analogue photo and that we already carry in our heart.


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