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New single by Toni, 'He soñado’

The singer and songwriter toni, known in the music industry as Slim Samurai, arrives from Ibiza with new music that transports you to a place of tranquillity that has always characterised him; the calm that, at some point in the day, we always need. 

His sound identity has been part of the urban nexus for more than a decade, collaborating with artists such as Cruz Cafuné, Cecilio G, Chill Chicos and Las Bajas Pasiones, among others. Singing, recording songs and directing videoclips for the entire underground scene, he has become a fundamental artist on the scene. 


Now, he presents ‘He soñado’, a song by Slim Samurai that opens the way to his new stage under the name toni. In it, he talks about the artist's own dreams and how he imagines the lives of the people closest to him to be. Inspired by artists such as Xavibo and Recycled J, among others, and with an alternative Hip Hop style, a rap instrumental and contemporary touches produced by Pache, toni opens the doors of his world accompanied by his closest people with this tribute to the people he loves. 

Listen to ‘He soñado’, the track that talks about all those people who accompany toni on his path, which is life!


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