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New single by Aion ‘SUITE’


Aion is the culmination of many years of relationship with music, from classical to electronic. Gil Codina -artistically known as Aion- started in the world of music when he was only six years old. Graduated in Musicology at the UAB and with saxophone studies, he is also part of several projects that have led him to tour throughout Catalonia, France and Holland, stepping on renowned stages such as the Sala Apolo, the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, the Fiestas de La Mercè in Barcelona, the Telecogresca and the Jamboree, among others.

With an album on the verge of release, Aion has already released some singles like the Christmas and longing song 'Tan lluny', where we could see Aion open in channel making reference to all those people we can't see on such special dates. Or the recent 'Tu qui ets?', which he released a few weeks ago and which, with provocative lyrics, revolves around the idea of self-questioning 'Tu qui ets?' ("who are you?"), implying -between the lines and with irony- that there is no other artist as good and classy as him; a lifelong egotrip, dressed with a modern, current and urban production, where reggaeton is the key ingredient.

Now, Aion presents a third teaser with 'SUITE'. A single that tells the story of two people who suddenly fall in love intensely in the middle of a party. A sugary, sincere and naughty song, which shows us in first person that sweet feeling of the first stages of a relationship that we have all experienced at some time. Under a well-crafted pop production, loaded with layers of vocals, guitars and synthesizers, Aion creates a bright and cheerful sonic atmosphere that is ideal for singing and dancing wildly and turning a grey day into the sunniest day of the summer!

'SUITE' is a declaration of love that comes out before Sant Jordi, ideal to make it your own and send this rose in the form of a song to that person who has become a Suite inside your head!


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